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Image by Konstantin Mishchenko



Hey there, I'm Aleisha Sarah

I am the owner and part of the Neon Light Lab team. Being the Owner of Neon Light Lab everyday is oh so much fun and incredibly rewarding, helping people bring their neon creations to life whether it be through a custom design or even seeing them light up their spaces with a funky piece of wall art using one of our hire signs brings me so much joy.  


We believe our Neons are suited for anyone and people of all ages can enjoy them. Whether you want a custom piece of wall art for your living space, workspace or even home, Need a sign for a celebratory event of any kind be it a birthday, baby shower, wedding or even just want something simple or one of a kind like your name in a neon lights our light lab team can help light up your space. 

If you are wanting to connect with Aleisha or one of our light lab team about a design you have in mind, you can contact her on the details below. She will make contact with you within 72hours, if you have not heard from her by then, you can also get in touch below either via email or social media.. 


LET'S Chat

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