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Our very popular LED neon signs are now available to purchase. Light up your home/office space, display for a special celebration, use as a night light for your little people or give to someone special for the perfect prezzie.

Each is presented on a clear acrylic backboard, carefully cut to shape to allow the image or message to make the most memorable impact wherever you decide to place it.

Our signs are all LED and come with 2 meters of clear cabling, attached to an additional 3 meters of black cabling. A normal NZ wall plug is suitable to power the signs. Our neons are suitable for indoor or undercover outdoor use. They are carefully manufactured using casting PMMA board (as opposed to extrusion PMMA) & silicon material (as opposed to PVC), so will not yellow or discolor over time. 

Not quite what you are looking for or want something customised? 

We got you! Just click on the tab to check out our custom neons. 

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